An all-round solution: rotary tables for milling, drilling and turning

Regardless whether it is in positioning operation for milling and drilling, in simultaneous operation for rotary and multi-processing or for fast turning production processes: AXA rotary tables ensure that everything runs smoothly within your production process. You can choose from a wide variety of different construction forms and sizes to create your own individual application scenarios for your own needs.

  • NC-rotary tables with worm gear
  • Highly dynamic NC-rotary tables with torque direct drive
  • Swivelling rotary tables as entrance into 5-axis machining
  • Integrated hydraulic clamping on rotary tables with multi-canal rotary union
  • Rotary tables driven by NC axis for flexible workpiece machining
  • Individual, customer-specific special solutions

  • Robust, stabile, reliable, durable
  • High torques in positioning and turning operation
  • Large openings for bar loading
  • High precision by high-defi nition, direct measuring systems
  • Compact build for quick and perfect integration into AXA machines
  • Mechanics, electronics and software all from the same source
  • Base bodies and face plates from top-quality cast iron
  • Flexible to adapt

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NC-rotary tables fast turning

NC-rotary tables / Swivelling rotary table