Gantry machining centre TMP

TMP – for high-end mould making

This 5-axis portal machining centre stems from our compact series and has been designed for users in the realms of high-end mould making for large-scale workpieces. The main application focus for the TMP is processing turbines, impellers, gear wheels and Pelton runners.

It can be used for diverse mould making applications as well. Large-scale, bulky workpieces can also be processed with utmost precision on the TMP. The combination of powerful swivelling spindle and a fast turning NC rotary table with a clamping surface of up to 1600 mm enables the 5-axis simultaneous processing of large-scale workpieces with a load of up to 5 t and a swivel range of up to 2100 mm.

  • Extremely rigid, static and dynamically well-balanced ground frame construction
  • Spacious and easily accessible machine table
  • Direct measuring systems for the X/Y/Z-axes and swivelling axes B/C
  • Through spindle and external cooling optionally with air and emulsion
  • Machine transport in one single piece
  • Optimal accessibility for all maintenance and service requirements
We can develop and manufacture special solutions for you upon request.

  • Solid roller guides, generously dimensioned for high dynamics, stiffness and accuracy
  • Guiding built upon manually scraped or grinded surface
  • Real gantry drive in the Y-axis with corresponding individual drive, guideway and direct measuring system for both portal sides
  • Drives and guideways are protected
  • Fully temperature-controlled machine including water-cooled and high performance ball screw in X/Y

  • Tool shop with double gripping system
  • Magazine protected in rear part of machine
  • 20 to 90 tool places
  • Fixed location coded tool management for better operator monitoring
  • Simultaneous tool pre-selection
  • Support of various tool holding systems

  • Powerful SK 50 tilting spindle, max. 9000 rpm
  • Ooptional HSK A63, max. 18.000 rmp
  • 1-axis tilting spindle swivelling around the Y-axis (B-axis)
  • Stepless, interpolating construction
  • - Tilting range 0° to -100°

  • highly dynamic, fast-moving NC rotary table RTA 5D, 1250 mm face plate
  • opt. RTA 6D, 1600 mm face plate
  • directly driven with Torque motor
  • direct measuring system

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